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Our Value Proposition:

IoVega Systems has developed a unique equipment recycling process that maximizes your businesses ROI on equipment purchases. Please view our donation page for a complete description of this unique and valuable service.

Millions of businesses have unused or idle PCs, Telephone Systems, Network and other Technology related equipment just taking up space. Current environmental regulations do not allow businesses to use normal means of disposal for their excess technology equipment due to the hazardous materials they contain. This forces your business to store, sell or seek professional services to recycle and dispose the equipment.

Professional recyclers, equipment liquidators and re-marketers capitalize on these requirements and profit from your end of life technology resources, and they do so without adding any real value back to your business.

So, why should businesses incur costs to store unused equipment, pay for professional recycling services or go through the resource intensive process of dealing with equipment re-marketers or selling the equipment? The answer is simple, they shouldn’t!
The donation of technology equipment, along with its fair market value tax benefit, reduces your annual costs and maximizes the ROI on your equipment purchases.

Our unique donation service amounts to savings in four areas:

  • Savings in storage costs
  • Savings by avoiding recoverable value decline
  • Savings by avoiding the recycling and disposal costs
  • Savings by eliminating your businesses time and resources for its sale

Donating and recycling technology equipment keeps it out of our landfills and doing so through IoVega creates opportunities for nonprofit charitable organizations to use more current technology, give useable equipment to those in need or benefit from the equipments sale, all while benefiting your business!

IoVega has spent several years researching and developing the most comprehensive and beneficial service for technology asset disposal on the market today. No one can match our service and the value it puts back into your business.

If value recovery and environmentally safe disposition are your concerns then come be a part of the IoVega solution.

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