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IoVega Systems Donation and Recycling Service is designed to help minimize the impact hazardous materials have on our environment through its proper donation, re-use or recycling and to maximize the return value received by a business on its purchased technology equipment at the end of its useful lifecycle.

IoVega partners with 501(c)(3) non-profit charities in California to provide this unique and valuable service. Not only are we a green company helping minimize the impact hazardous materials have on our environment but we’re also doing our part to give back to the community through these charitable organizations.

Most businesses are not aware that their unused equipment can be donated or of the tax benefits associated. All electronic equipment is accepted for donation and after its contribution the donated properties fair market value is tax deductible by the business. Upon donation, IoVega can assist your business in determining its donated equipments fair market value.

This fair market value tax deduction and the savings it produces, in all cases, exceeds any dollar amount obtained through the equipments sale, re-marketing or recycling.
After the pickup of your equipment to be donated IoVega will provide your business with a signed original receipt of donation from the applicable charity and a signed release of liability. The donation receipt is a necessary document for your accounting process to receive the tax benefits associated.

For more information on the tax laws pertaining to this refer to Section 170 of the Federal Income Tax Code: Charitable, Etc., Contributions and gifts.

Also, IoVega Systems takes your businesses data security very seriously, all media received through our process is either sanitized or destroyed and will never be used by IoVega Systems. 

This service is ideal for businesses that:

  • Want to recover the maximum value on their technology assets.
  • Are concerned about the proper eco-friendly disposal of hazardous materials.
  • Want to avoid the resource intensive process of selling their unused equipment.
  • Do not want to incur storage and insurance costs for housing excess equipment.
  • Value the security of their businesses data, and want to do everything possible to prevent its misuse, loss or theft.
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