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Imagine a "Zero E-Waste to landfill America", it is an image and philosophy that rings with hope and prosperity for the future of our great country.

The United States is a country rich in natural resources and has vast and complex environments unlike any others in the world, and these resources and our environment as a whole needs to be protected. Zero e-waste is based on the concept that wasting technology resources is inefficient and that efficient use of our technology resources is what we should work to achieve. It requires that we maximize our existing recycling and reuse efforts.

IoVega specializes in the donation, reuse and recycling of electronic equipment. We have been living it and have come to make it part of our everyday lives. Through our unique donation and recycling service, we are able to implement this zero e-waste to landfill concept as our guiding principal and goal for the future of America.

At IoVega Systems, we embrace the idea of a zero e-waste to landfill America as we promote our service to its business communities. We encourage your business to take a stand and support the concept of zero e-waste to landfill, talk to your business network and help educate and support this goal. Because, when it comes to zero e-waste - you make it happen!

So come, and be a part of the IoVega solution.

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